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About CompareLoans

Our mission: Make your decisions easier!

CompareLoans.co.za is South Africa’s most comprehensive comparison website for:

Trusted by thousands worldwide

CompareLoans is a subsidiary of BestFind.com.au. Founded in 2017, BestFind is one of Australia’s largest comparison websites. We help thousands of people compare and save on their personal and vehicle loans, and now we’re here to help you!

We understand that comparing banks, mutual banks and independent lenders can not only be time consuming but opaque and confusing!

That’s why we’re here to help! We hope to make your decisions easier, more informed and hopefully save you time and money!

Free to use

Our services are free to use. We won’t annoy you with phone calls or sell your details to marketers.

If you click a link on our website to visit a bank or lender, we may receive a referral fee. However, no additional fee will be passed on to you!