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Explore Lime24 Online Loans in South Africa

Lime loans is a South African financial services provider who provides online payday loans.

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Have a job? Need cash fast? With Lime24's advanced technology in place, the loan is fast and approved in just 5 minutes. What you need to apply: Be 18+, access to your bank account, 3 months of bank statements and offical RSA ID. provides factual information in relation to financial products. While attempts to make a wide range of products and providers available, it may not cover all the options available to you. Moreover, we cannot be responsible for changes made to this information by product providers and/or inaccurate information obtained from a product provider. All product information comes from the product provider or publicly available information and to the best of our knowledge is correct at the time of publishing. The information published on is general in nature only and does not consider your personal objectives, financial situation or particular needs and is not recommending any particular product to you. If you decide to apply for a product you will be dealing directly with that provider and not with recommends that you read the relevant product disclosure statement or product guide before taking up any financial product offer. For more information please see's Terms of Use.

Minimum and maximum loan periods vary between 1 months and 6 months. Percentage Rates vary between 5% per month and 38% p.a. Total interest and fee repayments vary over the life of the loan. All rates quoted are 30 days. For more information regarding fees, visit or contact the provider.

Lime loans – Transparent, flexible loans that work for you

The first question that you probably ask when you are investigating the best lenders in South Africa is: What can they give me? If you’re reading this article, it means you have discovered Lime 24, and you want to find out about their credit offers. Once you get to the end, you’ll know what benefits Lime 24 offers and how you can get Lime 24 loans when you need extra cash.

What is Lime 24 all about?

Is borrowing from Lime 24 safe, and can they be trusted? With so many unreputable lenders on the market, this is an excellent question to ask. To set your mind at ease, Lime 24 is indeed a registered credit provider monitored by the National Credit Regulator. According to the National Credit Act, this means Lime24 has responsible lending practices that keep you financially protected.

How much can you borrow from Lime 24, and what are the charges?

The range of options available from this lender is as follows:

  • You can borrow any amount between R300 and R5 400.
  • You can repay your debt over a period between 5 days and 36 days.

Example: According to their calculator, if you borrow R2 000 over 30 days, the estimated repayment due is R2429.25. The exact cost may vary as the amount, term, and other factors change. If you supply all the information while completing the quick online application form, you’re likely to be charged less. Lime 24 tariffs are summarised as follows:

  1. Lime/Start – R300 – R1200
  2. Lime/Silver – R300 – R2100. The service fee depends on your term.
  3. Lime/Gold – R300 – R3000. You get lower interest rates when you apply for the second credit and every time after that.
  4. Lime/VIP – R300 -R5000. Debts paid back within the first 5 days are not charged. Plus, you can apply to borrow more depending on your situation.

Lime gives you fast online loans

With just your phone, tablet, or computer plus a reliable internet connection, you can make an easy and quick Lime24 loan application. Borrowing money this way is often necessary when you need to pay for bills and other unexpected costs urgently. Even when your account balance is a little on the low side, you can use the extra cash to pay for a trip, gift, or meet your individual needs with precision. In a nutshell here’s how the credits work:

  • You make the application online. The process is automated and uses advanced technology. Completing the application takes 3 minutes. The review and verification take about 1 minute, and once it is approved, the instant transfer also takes one minute. Basically, getting the money in your bank account takes a total of 5 minutes (if you’re a new customer).
  • If you are an existing Lime24 customer, you can receive money in your bank account within 1 minute.
  • You pay back the money within 36 days by logging into your profile and clicking on “Repay.”

Are you interested in a Lime 24 payday loan?

These small and quick loan amounts from Lime24 are perfect for keeping things going while you wait for payday. You can clear the debt once your salary or income gets deposited in your bank account.

Lime gives you insider benefits

When you keep borrowing from Lime24, you become an insider and part of their loyalty program. Tips to help you qualify for these benefits include:

  • Being a regular customer.
  • Having good credit history.
  • Avoiding late payments.

In turn, you qualify for:

  • Interest rate discounts.
  • Immediate savings and rewards.

Advantages of Lime24 loans

  • There is no need for traditional bank queues. You can skip branch visits, save time, and still get the money you need on time.
  • These credits are quick in every way. You receive money fast, to pay for any emergency, and you have to pay it back fast. That means you don’t have to carry the debt for too long.
  • You’re in control because you choose the amount and term that fits in your budget.
  • No need to upload many documents. This digital internet lending platform is, therefore, super fast and convenient.
  • Any personal and private information you share is safe and secure. It will not be shared with any third parties.
  • No hidden fees. This lender is very transparent, which allows you to budget with no surprises along the way.
  • The more you work with this lender, the more benefits they offer to appreciate your loyalty.

Check these Lime24 reviews

Looking at Lime24 reviews from other clients will help you figure out if you’ll be happy with their services or not. To set your mind at ease, Lime24 reviews are available on their website. You can also carry out your own search on the internet to verify these good Lime24 reviews.

Lime loans: What are the requirements?

  • South African ID;
  • Personal information, including your full name, email, and mobile number;
  • Your South African banking details;
  • 3 months’ latest bank statements;
  • Internet connection; and
  • You should be 18 years and above.

Lime loans in South Africa: How to apply today

You can visit the Lime24 website by clicking the “Go to Site” button showcased on this page. Afterwards, follow this simple 4-step process to get money in your account in less than 5 minutes:

  1. To calculate your loan, use the calculator by moving the sliders to choose the amount and repayment period you want.
  2. Once on Lime24 website, click “Apply” and create your profile if you’re a new customer.
  3. Fill in your banking details. You can skip this process if you’re an existing customer.
  4. Select the loan amount and term you used to calculate earlier. Sign the contract by clicking on “I accept.” The fast cash loan is then sent to your bank account for withdrawal.

Conclusion: Should you borrow from Lime 24?

Keep in mind that although fast cash is very useful, it also has some disadvantages. For example, you can only borrow small amounts, and you’ll be charged every time you borrow. However, for those times you can’t get help from your loved ones or need to help your loved ones, this kind of quick loan is worth it.

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