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Absa vehicle finance calculator & product overview

Absa vehicle finance loans can help you with the purchase your next motor vehicle. Our loan calculator below will help you to calculate your likely monthly payment so that you can budget better for your new vehicle.

Go ahead and input the loan amount and adjust the loan term then click calculate. You will then see how much each lender’s option will cost you overtime. This way you can stick to your budget.

Calculate repayments

Loan Amount



60 months


Absa Car loan - Instalment Sale Agreement

Estimated Month Repayments
Interest Rate
Repayment Period
24 months
to 72 months
Loan Amounts
to R250,000
Experience the joy of owning your car while you are paying it off with our flexible instalment sale agreement. Own the vehicle while you are paying it off. Reduce your monthly payments by choosing a balloon payment or by paying a deposit. Choose a monthly repayment from 24 - 72 months. Fixed or variable interest rates available

Absa Car loan - Islamic Vehicle Finance

Estimated Month Repayments
Interest Rate
Repayment Period
24 months
to 72 months
Loan Amounts
to R250,000
Islamic Vehicle Finance will ensure that you get the vehicle you want, whether it is for business or personal use, in a fully Shari'ah-compliant manner. Using the concept of Ijaarah, which is similar to leasing, you can enjoy access to a vehicle for a fixed period and price. This approach is Shari'ah-compliant and allows you to benefit from unique advantages, such as 100% financing and tax benefits. Variable and fixed rental fees for the duration of the lease. Flexible payment options to reduce your monthly rental fee

Absa Car loan - Rental Agreement

Estimated Month Repayments
Interest Rate
Repayment Period
24 months
to 72 months
Loan Amounts
to R250,000
If you opt for a rental agreement you have full use of your vehicle without ever owning it. You will get: Full use of the vehicle or any other asset without the hassle of ownership, drive an expensive vehicle or asset without having to buy it , only pay for the use of the vehicle or other asset. It is an option to manage cash flow , affordable, fixed monthly payment, repayment period of up to 72 months. The choice of lower monthly repayments by opting to make a balloon payment at the end of the rental period
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Minimum and maximum loan periods vary between 1 months and 10 years. Comparison interest rates vary between 6.55% and 60% p.a. Total interest repayments vary between R685.05 and R844.12 over the life of the loan. *Comparison rate is based on an unsecured loan of R20,000 for a term of 3 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. These rates can change without further notice. All rates quoted are per annum. For more information regarding fees click on "View fees & additional info +" for each product or contact the provider.

Get Absa Vehicle Finance and drive your dream car

Absa vehicle and asset finance crystallises your dream of becoming a car owner into solid reality. These days a car is no longer viewed as a luxury. Instead, a car is a necessity that takes you to places of convenience and saves you time, which is money.

But why should you apply for an Absa car loan? This article gives you the best details to decide if Absa vehicle finance in South Africa might be a good option for you.

Absa private vehicle finance – Overview

Minimum loan amount: R10 000

Maximum loan amount: R250 000

Loan term: 24 months to 72 months

Interest rate: 12.50%

Different types of Absa motor vehicle finance

  • Absa Car loan – Instalment Sale Agreement

This loan allows you to take the car home as your own. You will then finish paying it off via monthly instalments.

  • Absa Car loan – Islamic Vehicle Finance

This loan uses an Islamic principle known as “Ijaarah,” which is based on shared prosperity. The bank buys and owns the car, but they lease it to you for a fixed term.

Absa’s approach to this lease-based agreement is Shari’ah compliant according to the Muslim religion. At the end of this car lease, you can choose to own the car, purchase the car, or continue using it at a lower payment or zero rental fees. This loan comes with financing and tax benefits.

  • Absa Car loan – Lease Agreement

You don’t own the car, but you’re allowed full use for a fixed period. You’re allowed to upgrade and get a new car every 2 to 4 years. At the end of the lease, you can buy the car or have someone buy it. You can also continue using the car at a lower payment or zero rental fees.

  • Absa Car loan – Rental Agreement

You get full use of the car without owning or buying it. You pay for the cost of using the car, and you can reduce the monthly payments on your car loan by opting for a balloon payment at the end of the rental agreement.

What are my options when buying a car with Absa vehicle finance?

If you’re still looking for a car, Absa offers the following options:

  • Buying a repossessed vehicle
  • Purchasing the car at a trade centre (auction)
  • Buying at a dealer approved by Absa
  • Buying at an Absa private-to-private car dealership

What you need to apply for an Absa car finance loan

If you’re an Absa client, you only need the following:

  • South African ID;
  • proof of address. This is usually a utility bill not older than three months; and
  • latest payslip.

The requirements are a little different if you don’t have an account with Absa or are a foreign national:

  • valid work permit;
  • valid passport;
  • payslip or letter of appointment from your employer;
  • international driver’s license; and
  • last three months’ bank statements.

How to apply for vehicle finance – Absa

You can make a secure and safe online application by clicking the “Go to Site” button on the Absa vehicle finance option you want. Then click on apply now. Next, follow the simple, step-by-step instructions provided.

Once your online application for Absa motor vehicle finance is completed, you can track it to see its status. Use this online tracking tool by entering your application and ID number. Alternatively, to apply for vehicle finance with Absa, you can call, email, or visit their nearest branch.

What you should know about Absa vehicle finance

  • Absa car finance allows you to pay a lump sum upfront (deposit) or after the finance period (balloon payment). This lowers your overall monthly payment as well as your interest.
  • You can finish repayments at an earlier date with no penalties as long as your loan amount is R250 000 and below.
  • All Absa car loans are secured car loans. This means failure to pay back the loan results in the car getting repossessed.
  • Absa carries out a risk assessment before approving a loan. They want to make sure you can pay back the loan. You may be asked to pay an upfront deposit to lower the risk Absa is taking.
  • Absa offers fixed or variable interest rates depending on the type of loan. Fixed rates remain the same throughout the finance period. Variable rates may go up and down since they’re affected by the prime market rate.
  • An initiation fee and a monthly fee is charged on all Absa car loans. Other charges may apply.
  • You can get a credit protection plan from Absa to cover for your payments in the event of death, disability, or retrenchment.
  • Absa can also help you get comprehensive car insurance at affordable rates. Insurance is required before the car loan can be approved.

Absa car finance calculator

Try our easy-to-use Absa car loan calculator at the top of this page to get a good idea of your monthly repayment for each car loan. Just input the loan amount and the loan term and click calculate repayment. Play around with the numbers to figure out which monthly instalment is in line with your budget.

Why is the Absa vehicle finance calculator important?

Considering factors such as make, cost, and affordability is important when you want to finance a vehicle. If you choose to take out a loan from Absa, you will also need to find out the following;

  • Do you qualify for a loan?
  • If yes, how much can the bank offer you?
  • How will your monthly instalments be structured?

Individual affordability assessment, in particular, can be tricky. CompareLoans, however, makes everything easy by providing you with an easy-to-use Absa vehicle finance calculator. The credit calculator simplifies the process by giving you a close idea of what monthly repayments to expect.

How to use the Absa car finance calculator

The Absa car loan calculator is quite simple to use. You can break down the process into 3 super easy steps that can be completed in seconds:

  • Use the first slider to choose the amount you want.
  • Select your desired loan term using the second slider.
  • Click “Calculate Repayment.”

Please note, the results from the Absa vehicle finance loan calculator are only estimates. These results are based on your specific input, and they serve to give you an estimate, not the exact quote you will receive when you apply.

Advantages of the Absa vehicle finance calculator

  • The loan calculator helps you find out if you qualify for an Absa auto loan;
  • You will be able to see what your monthly instalments look like should your application be successful;
  • It is suitable for mobile users, so you can access and use the calculator from your phone; and
  • You can easily compare vehicle financing options before making your application.

Is it risky to not use the Absa car loan calculator?

It is risky to make financial decisions without enough information. The whole idea behind the Absa vehicle finance calculator is to provide you with information that will enable you to make better-informed decisions.

The use of the calculator can prove advantageous if you’re looking to predict your monthly budget after borrowing money. Knowing the real cost of a significant investment can make the difference between maintaining a stable budget or ending up in trouble.

Furthermore, having enough information before you make your purchase can lead to a comfortable financial situation and an affordable car.

Frequently asked questions

Should I buy a new or used car?

Used cars are easily affordable, but they may require more maintenance. Getting a new car can cost you more, but at the same time, you get to enjoy the latest features and technology.

Is Absa vehicle finance restructuring available?

You can always consult and discuss with representatives from Absa to see how you can restructure your loan if you’re struggling with the monthly payments.

Can I get access to Absa motor vehicle finance with bad credit?

This may be very difficult or impossible, as a good credit record is one of the requirements before your car loan is approved. Having no credit record can also stop you from getting approved.

Are the results from the calculator accurate?

Please take note that the results displayed are just a close estimate of how much the car loan will cost you on a monthly basis. Base your credit score, your final interest rate and therefore your repayment may vary.

Which devices support the vehicle finance calculator?

The calculator is optimised for mobile, and you will get similar results using it on both mobile devices and PCs.

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