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Safe liquid investments to maximise your emergency fund

05.07.2021 Wondering how to make the most of your emergency fund? Here’s what you need to know about earning interest on your money while still making sure it’s safe and easily accessible. Read more

How can I increase my chances of getting a car loan?

24.05.2021 Most South Africans can’t afford to buy a car out of pocket and may need a car loan to solve their transportation problems. If you’re one of the people who’s planning to apply for a car loan, you may be wondering how to increase the chances of approval. Don’t worry, and keep reading – we’ve […] Read more

How credit checks work in South Africa

24.05.2021 The best way to understand how credit checks work is to understand how credit reports and credit scores work first. To begin with, your credit report or credit file contains information about your financial behaviour, especially when it comes to borrowing and spending. For instance, it shows: The loans that are in your name and […] Read more

How to get a loan when you are blacklisted

24.05.2021 So you want a loan, but you’re blacklisted? You may be having a big “Oops” moment, but don’t kick yourself too hard. You might still be able to get the loan you want. That’s because, despite what most people think, blacklisting does not mean lenders have cancelled you forever or your name is on a […] Read more

How to pay off a car loan faster in South Africa

24.05.2021 Cash is king, but sometimes a car loan is the only way you can buy a new set of wheels. In that case, you may wish to pay off the debt quickly, so you’re not stuck with monthly payments for the next five or even seven years. Also, remember, car loans come with interest. Therefore, […] Read more