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Checking vs Savings account: How much cash should you keep?

14.12.2020 Your Checking and Savings accounts both serve your financial needs. But should you fatten each account equally? CompareLoans takes a look at the perfect ratio to maintain when it comes to your Checking and Savings balances. What’s the difference between Checking and Savings accounts? A checking account is where you keep cash to cover everyday […] Read more

What is financial responsibility and how to achieve it

24.11.2020 So, what exactly is financial responsibility? It’s a question that makes you pause for thought, but as with most things, the best answer is always the simplest one. In this case, achieving financial responsibility is simply a matter of maintaining a lopsided balance between your income and expenses. With the balance in favour of your […] Read more

How to find your SARS tax number

22.11.2020 Are you a South African resident working inside or outside the country? Then you may be liable to pay tax on any income you receive worldwide. If you’re a foreigner working in the country, tax will only be levied on your South African based income. But, before you become a taxpayer, you’ll need a SARS […] Read more

Understanding Crippling Debt – A Complete Guide

04.11.2020 What is crippling debt? How do you spiral into this deep hole? Most importantly, how do you get out of it? First, let’s define crippling debt What you (likely) think it is The common misconception with crippling debt is that it’s driven by compulsive consumerism. Think about the type of consumerism where you acquire a […] Read more

50 personal finance terms everyone should know

26.10.2020 During your personal finance journey, you may come across some complicated or unfamiliar terms. No worries! We have prepared this handy, short glossary of money-related terms to help you gain more control over your financial goals. Affordability assessment A process lenders use to decide how much you can afford after you apply for a loan. […] Read more