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What is loan refinancing and why you should care

23.09.2020 When you refinance a loan, you get a new loan in place of the old one. You might wonder what difference refinancing makes if you still owe the same amount, but it can be highly beneficial in the following circumstances: The new loan has a lower interest rate, so you save money. Your preferences have […] Read more

How cognitive biases influence our financial decisions

07.09.2020 When it comes to money, you can’t always trust how your brain works. There are times when you might believe you’re spending money reasonably and wisely. But the truth is, your brain can influence you to make bad money decisions without you even realising it. This is what we call cognitive bias, and in this […] Read more

Why was my loan application rejected?

23.08.2020 When your loan application gets denied, it’s easy to start thinking that the lender has something against you. Sometimes, you might feel upset and stressed if you’re relying on the loan to get out of a tight situation. You may not only wonder why the lender doesn’t like your profile, but you might also ask […] Read more

Minimalist and frugalist lifestyles: Are they key to happiness?

18.08.2020 If money doesn’t buy happiness, does that mean minimalism and frugalism are the way to go? Let’s dive a bit deeper and explore if minimalist and frugalist lifestyles can help you move up the happiness scale. Frugalism – Control your money, not the other way round Frugalism is all about enjoying life while finding more […] Read more

5 essential steps to help you recover from debt

11.08.2020 At times, taking out a loan or several loans might seem like such a simple process. However, things can get complicated when you borrow more than you can afford. This slippery slope potentially leads to missed monthly repayments and bad credit. Eventually, you can find yourself stressed and struggling to breathe under a landslide of […] Read more