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WesBank Vehicle Finance Calculator & Product Overview

WesBank offers various vehicle finance. Our easy to use calculator can help you compare your options.

Go ahead and input the loan amount that you are considering for vehicle finance then adjust the loan term. Once you click the “Calculate Repayment” button, you will get an idea of what your monthly repayment will be. Go ahead and give it a try.

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Wesbank Vehicle Finance

Estimated Month Repayments
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12 months
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Loan Amounts
to R300,000
Wesbank provide a range of value-added services that make it that much easier to own, drive and personalise your vehicle. Apply through Fincheck to be matched with the right vehicle finance provide for you.
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Minimum and maximum loan periods vary between 1 months and 10 years. Comparison interest rates vary between 6.55% and 60% p.a. Total interest repayments vary between R685.05 and R844.12 over the life of the loan. *Comparison rate is based on an unsecured loan of R20,000 for a term of 3 years. WARNING: This comparison rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate. These rates can change without further notice. All rates quoted are per annum. For more information regarding fees click on "View fees & additional info +" for each product or contact the provider.

How to get onboard with Wesbank vehicle finance in SA

If you’re shopping around for a car, Wesbank, a division of FirstRand Bank limited, is available for all your car loan financing needs. Car prices in South Africa are not always affordable, but that shouldn’t stop you from driving the car of your dreams. In this article, we bring you the best information about Wesbank vehicle finance. We outline, in simple terms, what you should know about Wesbank car finance and how you can get the best deal by comparing your options. Please note, the information provided on this site and quoted are guidelines only and do not constitute financial advice.

How does the Wesbank vehicle finance calculator work?

You can use the Wesbank vehicle repayment calculator on this page to calculate the monthly repayments for your car loan. It’s simple and easy to use. As long as you know the loan amount and term you want, you can get a result that helps you to know the loan you can afford.

How to make a Wesbank car finance application

How does Wesbank vehicle finance work? Follow these five steps to get a good idea:

  • First, make sure you meet the bank’s requirements. These are listed in the next section.
  • Decide on the rand amount you wish to borrow and use the tool on this page to calculate the monthly repayments you can afford.
  • Find a car you’re interested in buying and which fits your budget. Next, apply for finance with Wesbank. You can begin the online application process by clicking the “Go to Site” button in the comparison tables above.
  • After your application is approved, you sign the contract.
  • You start paying back the loan by making monthly instalments as agreed in your loan contract.

Wesbank car finance requirements

As one of the biggest vehicle finance providers in South Africa, they have a fast and easy application process. However, before you can apply, you must make sure you qualify for their loans. The requirements are as follows:

  • Have South African citizenship or a valid permit to live in South Africa;
  • Be a holder of a valid South African or International driver’s licence;
  • Have a clear credit record;
  • You must be earning R7500 or more per month; and
  • Be 18 years or older.

The required documents for your vehicle finance application

  • A copy of your valid South African Identity Document;
  • Proof of residence such as a council or utility bill (not older than 3 months);
  • 3 months bank statements; and
  • Proof of income (your recent payslip).

Requirements for the vehicle you’re buying

  • The loan amount should be more than R30 000. If you’re buying a bike or motorcycle, the amount should be more than R10 000;
  • The vehicle’s age must not be more than 20 years;
  • You must buy from an approved car dealership or Wesbank/Burchmores auction; and
  • If you’re choosing to buy from a private seller, the car should not be rebuilt, built-up, stolen, or recovered.

What happens after you submit your application with Wesbank?

With Wesbank vehicle finance, apply online and wait while the bank verifies your personal details and checks your credit history. If you pass the affordability assessment and have a healthy credit record, they will approve your application and get in touch within minutes.

If the seller requires a deposit, you will have to pay it first before signing the loan contract. Wesbank then pays the seller the loan amount so you can collect your car or have it delivered.

With Wesbank, you can apply for the following types of loans:

  • Loan to buy a car, bakkie, van, or minibus – You can buy any of these vehicles from an approved dealership or through a private sale.
  • Loan to buy a scooter or motorcycle – the bank will finance your new or used bike. This covers all types of on-road or off-road motorcycles.
  • Finance to buy a jet ski, caravan, quad bike, boat, golf cart, or trailer – You can buy from a private seller or an authorised leisure dealer. This specialist finance covers leisure vehicles that are not for everyday use.
  • Personal loan – You can use a personal loan for any purpose, including buying a car.
  • Islamic finance – You can get finance that is Shar’iah-compliant for a car, bakkie, motorbike, jet ski, trailer, caravan, or other approved vehicle.
  • Balloon refinance – If you already have a vehicle loan with a balloon payment, you can take out another loan at the end of the loan agreement to cover the balloon payment.

What is a balloon payment?

A balloon payment is an option you can attach to the end of your loan. In this case, you pay a lump sum of money at the end of your loan agreement. If you choose a vehicle loan with a balloon payment, Wesbank gives you three options to cover the cost:

  • Once-off payment: If you can afford it, simply make the payment all at once.
  • Trade-in: You can trade-in your car to cover the balloon payment.
  • Refinance: You apply for a new loan to cover your balloon payment. Next, you start repaying this new loan in monthly instalments.

What is the difference between an instalment and a lease agreement?

In an instalment agreement, you choose the vehicle you want, and the bank pays for it. Next, you get to drive your car while making your monthly repayments. Once you finish all the necessary payments, the car officially belongs to you.

However, with a lease agreement, you rent the car over an agreed period. During this period, you pay monthly instalments to cover rental. At the end of the loan, you can either purchase the car, give it back, or renew the lease.

What is the Wesbank interest rate?

The Wesbank interest rate for car finance you get will always be in line with the maximum interest rate set by the National Credit Act (NCA). The exact rate depends on your credit rating, financial situation, and other existing debt.

Does Wesbank offer fixed or linked interest rates?

You can either choose a fixed or linked interest rate for your vehicle loan. Fixed interest rates remain the same as long as you’re paying off the loan. That means your monthly repayments will not change. However, a linked rate can either go up or down, depending on the market rate. As a result, your car loan monthly repayment will also fluctuate.

More questions and answers about Wesbank finance

What are the approved Wesbank dealerships?

The bank will approve your application if you buy from the following franchise dealerships:

  • Audi
  • Toyota / Lexus
  • Volkswagen

What is Wesbank private sale finance?

This is when you buy from a private seller (family member, individual, business, or a friend). After you apply for the vehicle loan, the lender can arrange for a roadworthy and inspection check on the vehicle. This gives you peace of mind from knowing that the vehicle is in good condition.

What is Wesbank graduate finance?

This loan type caters to new graduates who want to buy a new or used car but have no credit history.

What is Wesbank business asset finance?

Wesbank business asset finance can help you buy or lease commercial and passenger vehicles, as well as equipment and other assets for your business.

What are other fees for Wesbank vehicle finance?

Generally, you can expect an initiation fee of R1207.50 and a monthly service fee of R69. Please note, other fees may also apply.

Does Wesbank provide vehicle insurance?

Yes. This lender offers comprehensive insurance that will cover your payment in the event of an accident or damage caused by special circumstances.

Can Wesbank help me buy a vehicle from an auction?

Besides a dealership or private seller, you can also get your loan application approved if you’re buying a Wesbank auction car.

About Wesbank

Wesbank is the top finance provider in South Africa for all your asset-based needs. This authorised financial institution has been in the game for more than 40 years, and is a fully registered credit provider. From what we have outlined in this article Wesbank, has the experience to offer you personalised vehicle finance you can trust.

If you are interested in making a Wesbank car finance car application, click the “Go to Site” button on this page and start your car journey with Wesbank today.

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