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Konga Loans is one of South Africa’s leading financial platforms. They provide seamless online credit services for quick and easy loans.

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Minimum and maximum loan periods vary between 1 months and 6 months. Percentage Rates vary between 5% per month and 38% p.a. Total interest and fee repayments vary over the life of the loan. All rates quoted are 30 days. For more information regarding fees, visit or contact the provider.

Konga loans – Receive cash in your bank account in 24 hours

Konga Loans South Africa aims to always make your life easier, which is why their loans are easy to apply for. brings you this article so you can know about Konga Loans and what they have to offer. First, let’s give you a brief introduction about what Konga Loans does and who they are.

What is Konga 24 loans all about?

Konga is a financial institution and a registered credit provider that mainly provides its services on the internet. That means you can get a loan from them using an internet connection and any smartphone device. They have made their online platform very secure so that any information you supply is safe.

On top of that, they have a mission to give you financial freedom since you can use their loans to pay for many expenses. As a reputable lender, Konga is fully registered with the National Credit Regulator. Furthermore, their values include being trustworthy, and they stand for doing the right thing. Knowing this, you can approach Konga and get your loan with some peace of mind.

How much can you borrow with Konga loans?

The exact amount depends on your income, credit history, and other details but the available options are as follows:

  • The minimum amount you can borrow is R300;
  • The maximum amount you can borrow is R5400;
  • Loan terms start from 4 days; and
  • The maximum loan term is 35 days.

The charges for Konga loans are as follows:

Using the calculator provided, if you borrow R3000 over 30 days, you have to pay back an estimated R3653.75. The repayment amount includes interest and other charges. If you choose a larger loan amount and a longer loan term, you’ll have to pay more. However, Konga uses a tier system for its new and existing customers. Depending on the level they give you, the amount you can borrow is limited. The tiers work as follows:

  1. Start: Choose a loan amount between R300 and R2000, depending on your current income.
  2. Silver: Choose a loan amount between R300 and R2100.
  3. Gold: Choose a loan amount between R300 and R3000.
  4. VIP: Choose a loan amount between R300 and R5000.

All tiers have an interest rate of 0.16% per day, and the loan term ranges from 4 to 35 days. However, please note that the above information is subject to confirmation.

How does Konga 24 work?

Konga Loans is available 24/7 for all your financial needs. The technology they use allows the application process to be made at any time of the day. As you can see, from the information we provided above, Konga offers short term loans. These are relatively small amounts of money that have to be paid back within 35 days. Here is how the process works:

If you’re a new Konga customer

  1. As a first step, you have to create a profile account with Konga. This is done by clicking the “Get loan” button. After that, enter your full name, birthdate, phone number, and email.
  2. Next, enter your bank account information. Try to enter as many details as possible so you can get better terms and borrow more money.
  3. Finally, choose the rand amount you want to borrow and the number of days you need to pay back. Accept the terms and conditions so the money can be sent to your bank account.

If you have already borrowed from Konga before (existing customer)

  1. Simply log in to your profile account.
  2. Select the loan amount and the repayment time. After accepting the terms and conditions, the money will be sent to your bank account.

What do you need to get fast cash from Konga loans?

  • An internet connection;
  • A valid South African ID;
  • Minimum age of 18 years;
  • South African phone number; and
  • A working South African bank account.

How do you apply for fast cash from Konga 24 loans in South Africa?

You can apply for your Konga loan by clicking the “Go to Site” button on this page. Follow the steps provided by choosing “Get Loan” to log in into your account or create one if you’re new. Choose your loan amount and loan term and receive the cash in your bank account within minutes!

How can you pay back your Konga loan?

You can pay back your Konga loan online by visiting their home page and clicking “Login.” Sign in to your Konga profile by entering your password and phone number. Next, click “Repay.” You can make repayments manually or using the DebiCheck system. The DebiCheck system is a safe and secure process that allows Konga to automatically deduct the amount due from your account on the repayment date. However, to avoid fraud, you first have to confirm the debit order on your phone or computer before it is processed.

What are the advantages of Konga 24 loans?

  • Fully automated online loan applications where the technology used is fast and available 24/7. That means you can apply for a loan from any place and at any time.
  • Quick registration process if you’re a new borrower.
  • Konga requires you to only provide basic information before you get a loan. You’ll not be asked too many questions.
  • The company offers cheaper services. For example, if you’re a loyal customer, Konga will not charge you any time you borrow money and return it in the first 5 days.
  • You can receive money in your bank account within 5 minutes if you’re a new customer. If you already have a profile, it will only take less than 1 minute.
  • There are no penalty charges if you pay back your loan early.
  • If you keep using their services, they will reward your loyalty by increasing the amount you can borrow and giving you better rates and terms on your loans.

More questions and answers

Can you get a Konga payday loan?

Yes, Konga also offers payday loans in South Africa. Remember, payday loans are short term. You can only borrow smaller amounts which have to be paid back as quickly as possible. In this case, with Konga, they give you a maximum R5000 payday loan and a maximum of 35 days to pay back your loan. That means you have to repay the loan as a lump sum the next time your payday comes.

What do the Konga loans reviews say?

You can verify if Konga is legit through the internet. You can also talk to other clients who have used this service. Once you have collected Konga loans reviews and are satisfied, you can apply for a loan with peace of mind.

Am I required to provide documents during the application process?

To give you the best tier so you can borrow what you can afford, you’ll sometimes be asked to send valid copies of your documents.

Is my personal and financial information safe?

Yes. Any private information you supply during the application process is safe and protected by modern security tools.

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