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Wedding loans can help you seamlessly take the next step in your life. South African lenders stand ready to assist you. Our loan calculator will help you to compare loan options among these lenders.

Once you input the loan amount and use the toggle to adjust the loan duration, you can click “Calculate” to see what your monthly payment will be like. This way you can see what it’s going to cost you to get married.

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Arcadia Finance helps you find the best loans from leading South African loan providers by comparing options from authorised banks and lenders. Fill out our free, no-obligation, online application to save hundreds of rands in interest rates and costs.

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Wedding loans in South Africa: Everything you need to know

Most people want their wedding day to be extra special, but turning this wish or dream into reality can be expensive. On average, South African weddings cost about R80 000, but the cost can be higher if you’re planning for both a traditional and a white wedding. If you don’t have enough savings to make your big day magical, then taking out a loan for a wedding might be necessary. To help you get started, we cover the following topics about wedding loans in South Africa:

  • How do they work
  • Finding the best lenders
  • Pros and cons of wedding finance
  • The application process

So, let’s get started!

How do wedding loans work?

A wedding loan is, in most cases, a personal loan that you take out to cover your wedding-related costs. This is easy to do since a personal loan is for general purposes. Once you receive the money, it can be used for anything, including a wedding. That being said, this type of loan generally has the following features:

  • How much can you borrow? – Loan amounts start from R2000 and go up to R250 000, which is more than enough to cover the cost of most weddings. However, the rand amount you borrow is limited by your credit history, your income, and the lender you choose.
  • What is the loan term? – You can pay back the loan over any period that’s between 1 year (12 months) and 5 years (72 months).
  • What are the interest rates? – The National Credit Act currently prescribes a maximum interest rate of 24.5%. But, many South African lenders offer wedding loan rates that are much lower than this, especially if you have an excellent credit score. Wedding loans can also have a variable rate or a fixed rate.

How to choose from the best wedding loans

At CompareLoans, we make finding the best wedding loan lenders simple and easy for you. Our comparison tables above feature some of South Africa’s popular and registered credit providers. To help you choose the best wedding loan for your situation, we’ve come up with this short but important checklist:

  • Interest rate: A low-interest rate loan is cheaper, especially if you’re planning to borrow the money for a longer time.
  • Extra fees and charges: A low-interest rate loan may not be necessarily cheap if it has other costs and fees. Standard charges besides the interest rate include an initiation fee and monthly service fees. Find out how much these are for each loan you’re considering. Also, check for any other additional or hidden costs by looking at the APR, which helps you calculate the total amount of the loan.
  • Additional features: Lenders offer different features on their products. These can be an advantage or disadvantage for you. For example, some will charge you extra fees for making early repayments. On the other hand, others will allow you to redraw or restructure your loan if you need to do so.

How to use the wedding loan calculator to find your monthly repayments

While we’re on the subject of choosing the best wedding loans in South Africa, our wedding loan calculator is also freely available to help you with this step. Simply input two pieces of information: The amount of money and the length of the loan you want. After that, click “Calculate Repayment” to get your fast results.

Besides using this convenient tool to compare loans, you can also use it to decide which monthly instalment is suitable for your budget.

What do you need to apply?

  • A valid South African ID;
  • A regular monthly income;
  • 3 months’ bank statement and payslips for proof of income;
  • Proof of residence;
  • A clean credit history; and
  • Applicant must be 18 years and above.

What is the application process for a wedding loan? offers you an easier way to apply online for your wedding loan. We have put together the best wedding loan lenders and provided you with enough information to make your choice. After using our wedding loan calculator and picking a lender, we invite you to press the “Go to Site” button of your choice. This allows you to visit the correct website where you’ll be guided through the loan application process.

After taking out a loan for a wedding, you can use the loan to pay for the following:

  • Decor;
  • Venue;
  • Food and drinks;
  • Invitation cards;
  • Transport;
  • Wedding dress and suit;
  • Honeymoon; and
  • Any other wedding-related expense.

Advantages of wedding loans

  • Easy application process;
  • Fast transfer of money into your bank account after approval;
  • Offers lower interest rates compared to credit cards; and
  • Flexible repayment terms which allow you to pay off the loan at a comfortable speed.

Disadvantages of wedding loans

  • They can be expensive if you choose a longer loan term;
  • After getting married paying off the loan can be a struggle if you have many monthly expenses; and
  • It’s easy to borrow more and have a wedding that you cannot afford out of excitement.

What else can you use to pay for your dream wedding?

Besides an unsecured personal loan and when it comes to finding finance for your wedding, these options can also give you the money you need:

  • Credit card – These offer quick cash which is convenient for smaller payments. However, for larger amounts, credit cards can be very expensive because of their high interest rates. They might also be limited to only a certain amount.
  • Secured personal loan – This loan can get you a lower interest rate if you use your car, home or another asset as security. However, you might lose your property if you don’t make the required repayments.
  • Home equity loan – If you or a close family member are a homeowner, borrowing against your mortgage can provide the necessary funds. There’s also the risk of losing the home if the loan is not paid back.
  • Personal savings – Taking out a loan for a wedding should always be the last option. First think about postponing your wedding until you have enough savings or cutting down on your budget. Alternatively, you can borrow from family and friends who won’t charge you high interest rates.

3 Tips to help you to budget and save for your wedding

  • Work together with your partner to find an affordable loan that fits into your combined budget.
  • Work on cleaning up your credit history before applying so you can get a lower interest rate.
  • Pay off the wedding loan as quickly as possible to avoid interest charges and an expensive loan that can affect your married life.

What is the difference between a wedding loan and a personal loan?

Usually, most people will use a personal loan for a wedding. However, some lenders might offer loan products that are specifically tailored for weddings.

Are there any wedding loans for bad credit?

Yes. But wedding loans for bad credit typically come with high interest rates, or they might need to be secured before approval.

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