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50 personal finance terms everyone should know

26.10.2020 During your personal finance journey, you may come across some complicated or unfamiliar terms. No worries! We have prepared this handy, short glossary of money-related terms to help you gain more control over your financial goals. Affordability assessment A process lenders use to decide how much you can afford after you apply for a loan. […] Read more

7 personal finance mistakes young professionals make and how to avoid them

26.10.2020 The world would be a perfect place if we all graduated with a personal finance degree the minute we reached adulthood. Instead, when it comes to money, we sometimes have to learn from experience, even though these life lessons can literally cost us thousands of rands.  Luckily, this is not always the case. Here are […] Read more

How to spot online loan scammers – 10 signs to watch out for

25.10.2020 As times have changed, South Africa has also plugged into the internet, and you can now shop, socialise, advertise, and yes, get a loan online. Unfortunately, con artists are also benefiting from technology improvements.  If you’re looking for a loan, and Google comes up with suspiciously attractive offers, beware, it might be a scam. Of […] Read more

What is loan refinancing and why you should care

23.09.2020 When you refinance a loan, you get a new loan in place of the old one. You might wonder what difference refinancing makes if you still owe the same amount, but it can be highly beneficial in the following circumstances: The new loan has a lower interest rate, so you save money. Your preferences have […] Read more

How cognitive biases influence our financial decisions

07.09.2020 When it comes to money, you can’t always trust how your brain works. There are times when you might believe you’re spending money reasonably and wisely. But the truth is, your brain can influence you to make bad money decisions without you even realising it. This is what we call cognitive bias, and in this […] Read more