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Is it better to pay off a debt or save money?

05.07.2020 It can be a tricky situation when you find yourself with some extra money, and yet you have debts that need to be paid. Saving money is good, particularly in South Africa, where most people are losing their source of income because of the corona virus. On the other hand, you want to be debt-free. […] Read more

Emergency fund: What is it, and how do you set it up?

05.07.2020 Having an emergency is something we can all understand. What happens when you urgently need money but your pockets and bank account are empty? The answer to that is you get stressed, desperate, and you might even face failure.  So many bad things can happen if you don’t prepare for any crisis. But, this is […] Read more

How to improve your credit score quickly in South Africa

21.06.2020 South Africa is a nation of borrowers, with personal debt at an all-time high and the national debt reaching highs. Statistics published by the South African Financial Services Board (FSB) in 2012 estimates that only 51% of South Africans are financially literate. Everyone deserves to have a better understanding of how to manage their hard-earned […] Read more

Media Release: Choice and transparency comes to borrowers in South Africa

10.06.2020 In a first for South Africa, CompareLoans brings unparalleled transparency around interest rates, fees and terms in the personal finance market. South Africa, 10 June 2020. Financial Independent Press launched CompareLoans.co.za, a website that aggregates and compares personal loans and vehicle finance from over 30 South African lenders. The service is independent and 100% free […] Read more

Understanding the cost of borrowing in South Africa

02.06.2020 As a country knee-deep in debt, we are here trying our best to educate our readers about different types of financial instruments for lending and borrowing. We talk about everything ranging from personal loans to payday loans! In this article, you will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of a loan and costs involved. Advantages of […] Read more